Armstrong GroupLEADERSHIP

Servant Leadership Philosophy

We are not perfect at the Armstrong Group. We fail and overcome on a daily basis. And perhaps that is why over the years, we have established a servant leadership philosophy. We work at this philosophy every day and endeavor to see it permeate across our organization. The servant leader’s primary goal is to serve. We still have debates and healthy arguments, and sometimes we still "cut to the chase" and execute when times call for it.

Our Servant Leadership Philosophy means we discuss, train and work to exemplify these 12 points:

1 Display worthy behavior
2 Listen to them and their ideas
3 Learn and meet their expectations
4 Keep them informed
5 Manage by walking around
6 Involve them in decisions that affect them
7 Inspire by giving them more important work
8 Become smaller so they can become bigger
9 Praise with a purpose
10 Dignify, always
11 Help them grow
12 Act as their champion

We are continually improving as servant leaders. Our goal is to work on this philosophy every day with the desire to create a work environment that attracts and retains the top talent and supports life-work balance.