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Armstrong Group of Companies Streamlines Its Name
November 5, 2020

The Armstrong Group of Companies announced today that, going forward, it will be known simply as the Armstrong Group.

By streamlining the name, it will allow the Group to better communicate with and present itself to its employees, partners and customers across the nation.

Armstrong Group is a little more concise and better positions us for the future, said Eric Aulbach, Chief Information and Group Marketing Officer. As we continue to look for opportunities to expand into other businesses, we thought now would be a good time to make the change. he noted.

The Armstrong Group is a family owned and operated concern, with over 2000 employees across the nation.

Third Annual Avenge Hunger Month a Huge Success
October 29 2020

Armstrong’s third annual Avenge Hunger Month will provide much-needed resources to over 200 community feeding programs. During September, Armstrong customers, employees and community partners donated 16,167 pounds of food and $17,646 in monetary donations and raised additional awareness via email, social media, and Armstrong television commercials.

The 2020 drive for resources was different this year due to COVID-19. Armstrong’s primary event was the Avenge Hunger Virtual 5K Race that raised over $8,300 in entry fees and donations, with many traditional events being canceled and focusing on safe social distancing procedures.

Marc Moretti, System Technician from the Boardman system, was the winner of the virtual 5K with a time of 23:39. Armstrong gave a $250 donation to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Mahoning County, Ohio, in honor of Marc and his first-place finish.

Trina Jackson from Hamlin, West Virginia, finished second with a time of 24:52. Armstrong will make a $150 donation in Trina’s honor to Bread from Heaven Food Pantry in Hamlin, West Virginia.

Mike Giobbi, Armstrong’s Chief Technology Officer, finished third with a time of 26:25 and designated Connellsville Area Community Ministries to receive his $75 prize in his honor from Armstrong.

Since the first Avenge Hunger Month in 2018, a competition between the Armstrong systems to see who can gather the most donations has brought some fun to the drive. The Harrisville system won the 2020 Avenge Hunger Month competition by collecting 5,578 pounds of food and raising $860 for food pantries in the Harrisville area. Harrisville will receive the golden shopping cart as a trophy for their efforts. Congratulations to the Harrisville Team!

The system competition window closed on Monday, October 5th, at Noon. After the competition numbers were finalized, Greg Rhoton, Community Marketing and Programming Manager for the Boardman system received a surprise call from the Lordstown Motors plant to say that they had collected food and money for Avenge Hunger Month. This raised an additional 1,677 pounds of food and $1,400 in monetary donations to supply local food pantries.

Through the Avenge Hunger Month drive, Armstrong has collected nearly 100,000 pounds of food and $43,000 in monetary donations to share with community feeding programs over the past three years. Avenge Hunger Month also helps increase awareness of Armstrong’s Breaking Bread initiative to stock local food pantries and soup kitchens for their busy Fall and Winter seasons.

4Front Solutions Supports Manufacturers in Fight Against COVID-19
October 25, 2020

As the United States braces for a growing wave of patients with COVID-19 in our hospitals and intensive care units, 4Front Solutions is ramping up production to support our medical OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partners who design and distribute critical oxygen producing and diagnostic equipment.

We are building the electronics for Caire's NewLife Intensity Oxygen Concentrator in record volumes. Our customer has ordered in excess of 30,000 assemblies to be delivered as soon as possible. These assemblies will be used to support the patients in New York City and other areas hard hit by the crisis. The devices take ambient air and remove the nitrogen and other impurities allowing the patient to breathe pure oxygen. The video below demonstrates how the device works.

Customers have reached out for our continued operation and support to keep our country functioning and safe. We have been designated a critical infrastructure supplier by customers in many other important market segments as well, and we continue to produce products to:

  • Feed Health Care Workers
    We are producing commercial products needed to feed the brave men and women working in hospitals and intensive care units.
  • Keep Us Safe
    We are building defense products to keep our soldiers and homeland safe.
  • Support Communication
    We are increasing production on critical communication equipment to ensure the support functions continue to operate as more and more people work remotely.
  • Treat COVID-19
    We are working with our partners as they look to design, develop, and launch new products that may help treat coronavirus.
Armstrong Comfort Solutions is thrilled to begin offering the iWave Air Purifiers
October 15, 2020

iWave Air purifiers have recently been tested on the SARS-CoV-2 (or COVID-19), using proprietary technology developed by the company Nu-Calgon. iWave uses needle point technology or (NPBI) to attack the virus in a diverse number of applications.

According to Nu-Calgon:

This test was run using the iWave-C (GPS-DM48-AC) in a test designed to mimic ionization conditions like that of a commercial aircraft’s fuselage.

Based on viral titrations, it was determined that at 10 minutes, 84.2% of the virus was inactivated. At 15 minutes, 92.6% of the virus was inactivated, and at 30 minutes, 99.4% of the virus was inactivated.

iWave air purifiers come in a variety of models:

  • iWave C – Best used in commercial applications.
  • iWave-R – Designed specifically to purify the air from residential AC units.
  • iWave-V – This unit has been installed in over 200,00 residential systems worldwide.
  • iWave-M – Highly versatile, this unit is most commonly used with ductless AC systems.
  • iWave-F – This unit is also designed to work best with ductless AC systems.

Indoor air quality has NEVER been more important. Our highly-trained technicians can install any type of AC unit or air purifier to meet the needs of you and your family. For more information on iWave air purifiers, visit our website. Or, contact our Comfort Consultants. They’ll work with you to design a system that’s just right for your home or business.

Guardian Protection Customer Saved By Carbon Monoxide Detector
September 28, 2020

Cranbury, New Jersey Service Tech Joe Rattigan walks and talks the Power of Purple. He's been with Guardian 15 years and loves upselling smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The commission earned isn't much, but the lives he has saved exceed all financial measures. Recently, Operations Manager Tim Blair shared an example of Joe's impact. We've learned of another and are sharing both with you. (Something tells us that there are lots more out there)!

Unconscious and Helpless

"I try to always recommend a smoke and CO detector on every level," Joe said, recalling the time when a Guardian customer in Cape May, New Jersey, told him she couldn't afford it. Joe convinced her to at least have them installed outside her bedroom on the second level.

Months later, a carbon monoxide leak occurred on the home's first level causing the woman to faint into unconsciousness. The CO detector on the second level sent a signal to Guardian, which saved her life.

Two Years in the Making

In 2018, while installing a new Guardian system, Joe sold a CO detector to Susan B. of New Jersey. Little did he know that two years later, it would save her life. How did Joe know? He was assigned to her home again in October 2020 for a system repair. He could see that the very CO detector he sold signaled our monitoring center on September 10, 2020, alerting us to an authentic and dangerous situation.

Thank you for being a hero in the lives of your customers, Joe! When Susan B.'s CO detector sent a signal to our monitoring center, Protection Specialists Melissa Michael and Tony Pelkey were well-prepared and handled the situation quickly and professionally.